Final Trailer for ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Is Extremely NSFW

     August 4, 2020


Amazon Studios has released the new, final The Boys Season 2 trailer along with a pair of new posters, and everything is decidedly NSFW – and decidedly on brand. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the show’s first season made quite a splash on Amazon with its R-rated twist on the superhero genre. The story follow two groups of characters in parallel – a team of superheroes who use their powers for their own gain, and vigilantes who each have been wronged by a member of “The Seven” and seek justice.

Karl Urban leads the titular group of vigilantes, and Season 2 finds his character Billy Butcher reeling from the reveal that someone he thought was dead is in fact alive. Complicating matters is the fact that The Seven have only grown more powerful, and this trailer seems to hint a shift towards complete and utter fascism at the hands of Homelander (Antony Starr) and his team of superpowered egomaniacs.

The big change to Season 2 is the addition of Stormfront (Aya Cash) to the team of the Seven, whose motives are unclear. What is clear, however, is that Season 2 is just as bloody and graphic as the show’s first season – if not moreso. Things that happen in this trailer include a child being thrown from a roof, a boat absolutely gutting through a giant whale, and a character saying, “Now don’t be a pussy, laser my fucking tits.” A Marvel movie this is not.

Check out the new and final trailer for The Boys Season 2 below along with a pair of similarly R-rated posters for the show. For even more on what’s to come, be sure to check out our recent extended interview with showrunner Eric Kripke.

The Boys Season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime on September 4th with the first two episodes, followed by new episodes each week. The show also stars Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Nathan Mitchell, Claudia Doumit, Goran Visnijc, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Boys Season 2:

The even more intense, more insane Season 2 finds The Boys on the run from the law, hunted by the Supes, and desperately trying to regroup and fight back against Vought. In hiding, Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) try to adjust to a new normal, with Butcher (Karl Urban) nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Starlight (Erin Moriarty) must navigate her place in The Seven as Homelander (Antony Starr) sets his sights on taking complete control. His power is threatened with the addition of Stormfront (Aya Cash), a social media-savvy new Supe, who has an agenda of her own. On top of that, the Supervillain threat takes center stage and makes waves as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

the-boys-season-2-poster-butcher the-boys-season-2-poster-homelander