Eric Kripke Announces ‘The Boys’ Season 2 Shooting Wrap with Short Film About “Little Homelander”

     November 15, 2019

The Boys is, by far, one of the best new shows of 2019. It’s razor-sharp. It’s timely. Karl Urban kills a room full of thugs using a superpowered baby. It pretty much checks all the boxes, and if there’s one complaint I had it’s that the first eight-episode season ended too abruptly. But fear not, concerned citizens: Eric Kripke, who brought the series to life with Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg, announced that season 2 has officially wrapped filming. We’re still a ways away from the new episodes hitting Amazon, but Kripke did also release a The Boys universe-set short film as a teaser. Unsurprisingly, it rules.

Set in 1994, the short film takes a look at “little Homelander”, who of course grows up to be the homicidal super-man played to icy effectiveness by Antony Starr in the series. As a child, Homelander has…more than a few issues, as he’s being isolated and tested on within Vought Lab Industries as the company molds him into the perfect All-American superhero.

Check out the short film below. Based off the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick RobertsonThe Boys—which also stars Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Elisabeth Shue, Chace Crawford, and Dominique McElligott—will return to Amazon in 2020. For more on the series, check out our full five-star review, Rogen and Golberg’s comments on how the new season will be bigger, and some info on who newcomer Aya Cash (You’re the Worst) will be playing.