‘The Chef Show’: Jon Favreau Makes Flatbread (and Makes You Hungry) in Exclusive Season 2 Clip

     September 23, 2020


We at Collider are thrilled to present an exclusive clip from The Chef Show Season 2, which premieres on Netflix tomorrow September 24th. The Chef Show is, quite simply, one of the best shows on Netflix period. It’s unlike any other cooking show out there — insightful, off-the-cuff, and tons of fun — and you will easily find yourself devouring a ton of episodes in one sitting.


Image via Netflix

In Season 2 of the show, Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi are back at it, visiting various restaurants and bakeries to explore new recipes and make new friends. It’s another swell mix of restaurant visits and some home cooking with just Favreau and Choi, and if you liked the episodes found in Season 1, you’ll surely love what Season 2 has to offer. One particular highlight finds the two making the burgers and fries.

In this exclusive clip from the new season, Favreau and Choi make flatbread with Pizzeria Blanco co-founder Chris Bianco and Tartine co-founder Chad Robertson, and it will have your mouth watering. Seriously, if you can watch this clip and not crave a flatbread, something is extremely wrong with you.

Part of what makes The Chef Show so great is Favreau’s thirst for knowledge, and his lack of fear when it comes to asking questions or acknowledging mistakes. This isn’t one of those fluff cooking shows where everything’s perfect – sometimes Favreau and Choi mess up, and that’s okay! That’s cooking! It’s an absolute delight of a series and I’m so glad it’s back. And I sincerely hope Favreau and Choi keep doing this forever.

The Chef Show Season 2 premieres on Netflix on September 24. Watch the exclusive Season 2 clip below.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Chef Show Season 2:

The Chef Show returns for another season as Jon Favreau (director/actor) and award-winning Chef Roy Choi come back together to continue learning, sharing, and celebrating different flavors, cultures and people. The two friends explore new recipes, collaborate with big names in the culinary world, and connect over their shared passion for bringing people together over a delicious meal.


The Chef Show is executive produced and directed by Jon Favreau. Roy Choi and Annie Johnson also serve as executive producers.