Exclusive ‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Clip Hunts a Serial Killer

     November 8, 2018


All parents have secrets, but what if you thought yours was hiding literal skeletons in the closet? IFC Midnight’s latest pulse-pounding thriller The Clovehitch Killer stars Charlie Plummer (All the Money in the World) as Tyler, an all-around good kid in a quaint small town, who starts to think there’s something wrong with his father (Dylan McDermott) when he finds some disturbing porn hidden in the shed. Could his dad be the infamous Clovehitch Killer, the never caught serial murderer who became the stuff of legends? Teaming up with the local serial killer-obsessed outcast Kassi, Tyler has to get to the truth in time to save his family.

The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this year to a round of solid reviews highlighting McDermott’s performance and a chilling ending. With the film arriving in theaters next week, we’ve got an exclusive clip that teases a glimpse at Tyler and Kassi’s hunt for the truth

Directed by Duncan Skiles from a script he co-wrote with Christopher Ford (Cop Car), The Clovehitch Killer also stars Samantha Mathis (The Strain) and Madisen Beaty (The Master). IFC Midnight will release the film in theaters, on VOD, and on Digital HD on November 16. Get a peek at the crime thriller in our exclusive clip below.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Clovehitch Killer:

“Tyler’s a good kid, a boy scout, raised by a poor but happy family in a small, religious town. But when he finds his dad, Don, has disturbing pornography hidden in the shed, he starts to fear that his dad might be Clovehitch, an infamous serial killer that was never caught. Tyler teams up with Kassi, a teenage outcast who’s morbidly obsessed with the Clovehitch legend, to discover the truth in time to save his family.”

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