THE COLLISION: Episode 117 – 2015 Preview

     January 5, 2015


This week on The Collision, we look ahead at 2015.  We go month-by-month to talk about the films we’re excited for from Jupiter Ascending to Star Wars: The Force Awakens to The Hateful Eight to Midnight Special and many more, and some of our picks may surprise you (one of them has the words “Hot Tub Time Machine” in the title).  We also point out some 2015 releases you should keep on your radar because we dug the films when we saw them last year at TIFF.  Also, as we note in this episode, most of these are wide-release movies because those are the ones with the firm dates.  There’s plenty of indie stuff we want to see (and we’ll have a Sundance episode to point some of them out), but it’s difficult to know where they’ll land in 2015, or even if they’ll arrive this year.

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