‘The Comeback Trail’ Trailer Finds Robert De Niro Trying to Kill Tommy Lee Jones

     September 4, 2020


Cloudburst Entertainment has released a trailer for The Comeback Trail, an action comedy starring a trio of Oscar winners — Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman. But this story isn’t really about that. It’s about the film’s co-writer, Josh Posner.

See, I grew up with Josh in Needham, Massachusetts. We weren’t best friends or anything but we were deadly on the football field together back in fifth grade, before I failed to grow tall enough to play actual football in high school, where Posner once broke up a fight I regret to have been involved with in the cafeteria that landed me a two-day suspension. At least the other kid got three days.

Fortunately, NYU never found out about that, and I went off to fancy-ass film school, while Posner went off to the much more quaint Connecticut College, where he met the woman he would later marry and have children with. When we graduated in 2006, we both moved to Los Angeles, where I quickly found an internship at Variety.

As for Posner, he eventually became the assistant to writer-director George Gallo. If you know your movie history, you’d know how cool that job is for someone who wants to be a writer, as Gallo penned De Niro’s 1988 comedy classic Midnight Run and has sole story credit on Michael Bay‘s action comedy Bad Boys, so he created the characters played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.


Image via Cloudburst Entertainment

Besides a production assistant gig on Cloverfield, Posner’s earliest credits are as Gallo’s assistant on his 2009 movie Middle Men and 2012’s Columbus Circle. The whole time, Josh was working on screenplays, honing his craft, and eventually, he began writing scripts with Gallo. They’ve sold some TV pilots together, and Posner co-wrote and produced an indie movie in 2018, but The Comeback Trail is his first major credit, and it’s kind of amazing to see him working with stars like De Niro, Freeman and Jones — not to mention sharing a credit with a legend like Gallo. But he paid his dues, and it’s proof that hard work, patience, and persistence pays off.

The Comeback Trail follows two movie producers (De Niro and Zach Braff) who owe money to the mob (Freeman) and set up their aging star (Jones) for an insurance scam to try and save themselves. Naturally, they wind up getting more than they ever imagined. I can’t vouch for the movie myself yet, but I like movies about making movies, and based on this trailer, it looks like good fun, not to mention strangely timely as well. I mean, has film insurance regarding actors ever been more discussed in the history of the industry?

Emile Hirsch, Eddie Griffin, Patrick Muldoon and Kate Katzman co-star in the movie, which was produced by Patrick Hibler, Phil Kim, David E. Ornston and Richard Salvatore, as well as Julie Lott Gallo and Joy Sirott Hurwitz. Cloudburst will release The Comeback Trail in theaters on Nov. 13, though Posner’s ascent is already underway. This trailer makes it real now, so check it out below, and click here to watch the trailer for another upcoming De Niro movie, The War with Grandpa.

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