THE CROW Reboot Stalls Following Relativity Bankruptcy

     August 1, 2015


The Crow reboot just can’t catch a break. A new adaptation of the James O’Barr comic—which was previously turned into a film in 1994 starring Brandon Lee—has been in the works at Relativity for a very long time now. Going as far back as 2010, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen director Stephen Norrington was attached to helm a redo written by Nick Cave. After Norrington’s departure, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo signed on to direct with Bradley Cooper in talks to star. The next iteration saw F. Javier Gutierrez at the helm, as a long list of actors were reported as joining/being in talks/circling the project including Tom Hiddleston and James McAvoy. Then Luke Evans officially signed on in 2013, only to see both Evans and Gutierrez depart last year. The most recent incarnation had Corin Hardy directing, but it appears the redo has hit what could be its final (and fatal) snag: the bankruptcy of Relativity.

The studio filed for bankruptcy earlier last week, leaving much of its slate in a state of limbo—including The Crow. While the studio’s official line is that it still plans on making the film and starting production this fall, THR reports that pre-production on The Crow has stalled in the U.K., with “several” department heads and other members of the production team having left the project last week.

Despite star Jack Huston dropping out in June, The Crow reboot was actually the closest it’s ever been to becoming a reality, with Hardy overseeing pre-production and an aim to to start filming at Pinewood Studio’s new stages this year. But Relativity’s financial situation has now put the project’s future in doubt, and it’s unclear if it’ll come out of this debacle intact. We haven’t officially heard word that the film has been scrapped, but hopefully some clarity on its status will arrive soon.


Image via Caliber Press

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