‘The Crown’: New Trailer Reveals Queen Elizabeth II’s Controversial Ascension to the Crown

     October 20, 2016


There are few writers on this planet Earth that are at once as interesting and fun as Peter Morgan. He’s essentially like Britain’s Aaron Sorkin, though his dialogue is rarely as stylized as Sorkin’s enthralling, rhythmic ways of speech. His Frost/Nixon script is a true delight and he’s a crucial element to Stephen FrearsThe Queen remaining such a triumph, a decade after its release. And he’s the main reason, though by no means the only one, that I’m so excited to see The Crown, Netflix’s latest original series.


Image via Netflix

The Crown sees him essentially mapping the early part of Claire Foy‘s Queen Elizabeth II’s taking of the crown from her father, King George VI, the subject of The King’s Speech, after his passing.  It’s a perfect series to debut right before Hilary Clinton almost inevitably takes up the American presidency, but don’t expect too much symbolism. Morgan, working with director Stephen Daldry, looks at details of experience and history, finding dramatic pulp in every corner of the royal life. There’ll be a lot of history here, as you can tell by the latest trailer for the series, which you can take a look at right below.

The Crown will hit Netflix on November 4th.

Here’s the new trailer for The Crown: