Showtime Developing Series Adaptation of Comic Book THE DAMNED

     August 24, 2011


The new TV projects just keep rolling in as networks are already starting work on development for next year’s programming season. Today, it’s Showtime coming up to the plate with another new series in development. Deadline reports the cable network is in the midst of adapting The Damned, the comic book written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Brian Hurtt. X-Men, X2: X-Men United and Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter is attached to script the adaptation which will be a modern take on the story which follows a cursed man who is stuck in the middle of a turf war in modern-day Chicago where mobsters are demons. Eddie must play all the angles to keep the warring families at bay while trying to reclaim his soul.

Thank the maker this ended up at Showtime, because it sounds like a show that Fox would cancel after three episodes. I love the mix of organized crime and the supernatural, but the tone and execution would have to be just right in order for it to be a truly dramatic series. Of course, there’s no telling if the project will actually get off the ground, but it’s good to hear Showtime is at least making moves to bring this comic book to life. For a little more on the project, hit the jump to check out a synopsis from the series’ first trade paperback, Three Days Dead.

Here’s the synopsis for The Damned Volume 1: Three Days Dead [from Amazon]:

During the prohibition era, gangsters grew rich on our vices, and rivalries between criminal organizations resulted in open war. But unknown to the masses, a more sinister power controlled the crime cartels, using greed, gluttony, lust and other sins to fuel a much more lucrative trade: mortal souls. The long-standing feud between two of the families is about the come to an end thanks to a brokered deal to consolidate power. But before things can be finalized, the bookkeeper tasked to brokering the deal is kidnapped along with a ledger that could spell doom for all the families. Hoping to find the missing bookkeeper before the deal falls apart, Big Al pulls Eddie’s corpse out of a ditch and puts him on the case. Now Eddie, cursed and unable to rest, finds himself caught up in the middle of a sinister web of kidnapping, murder and damnation.