RUMOR: Is Christopher Nolan Shooting THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Entirely in IMAX?

     November 11, 2010

When Christopher Nolan made the surprising (and welcome) revelation that The Dark Knight Rises would not be in 3D, he also made the interesting comment:

“We’re looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before.”

After speaking to a trusted source, we believe that “something” is to shoot the entire movie in IMAX.

As you may or may not know, Nolan shot portions of The Dark Knight in IMAX like the opening heist and the Batmobile/Bat-pod chase.  I didn’t get a chance to see the film in IMAX, but I was told it looked incredible. However, IMAX cameras have particular drawbacks.  They’re loud so it’s difficult to do dialogue scenes and they’re heavy so you don’t have much in the way of maneuverability.  We believe that IMAX has devised a new camera that is quiet and portable and that Christopher Nolan will use it for The Dark Knight Rises.  Hit the jump for more.

Here’s what our source tells us:

I’m hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX.  I’ve heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes.  If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it.

In the following video, cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about how, working with the old IMAX camera on The Dark Knight, you can’t carry it and that “every rig had to be reinvented or beefed-up a bit”.  Having a new, quiet (or at least quieter) and portable IMAX camera would be a game-changer.  It’s also possible that one of the reasons Nolan isn’t shooting The Dark Knight Rises in 3D is because the new camera isn’t 3D capable.  While IMAX has developed 3D cameras, getting a smaller, quieter, more portable, and 3D camera may be too tall of an order.

We would like to stress that this is a rumor.  You won’t get anyone talking on the record about a Christopher Nolan movie because they fear/respect the guy and they know how much he values secrecy.  It’s possible he may only shoot some of the movie in IMAX.  He may shoot none of it IMAX (although that would be surprising).  But what we’re hearing from someone we trust and has a proven track record is that when The Dark Knight rises, he’ll be doing it in IMAX.  What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Steve here. Since Matt posted this story, I’ve gotten a few emails telling me this is true. We’ll all know soon if it is.

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