December 5, 2010


Christopher Nolan’s script for The Dark Knight Rises is reportedly due tomorrow.  Although, as David S. Cohen jokes in his tweet, what can Warner Bros. do if he doesn’t turn it in?  Fire him?  Of course, Nolan seems like a fairly self-disciplined chap and so when he told Cohen that the script was “due”, that was probably a self-imposed deadline.  It would, however, be a bit early as Michael Caine says he didn’t expect to get the script until January (and that may still be true).  Shooting on the highly-anticipated sequel is set to begin in May with the movie set for release on July 20, 2012.

Hit the jump for a brief recap on what we think we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises.

batman_prey_comic_book_cover_01One of the biggest rumors surrounding the film is that it’s based on the Batman graphic novel, Prey.  Here’s the synopsis [via Wikipedia]:

Prey is set during the early days of Batman’s career as he is struggling to earn the trust of the public and form a working relationship with James Gordon, who is still just a police captain.

The main nemesis of the story is Hugo Strange, a brilliant psychiatrist who holds a professional stake and a personal obsession in unraveling Batman’s secrets, including his true identity. He foments a smear campaign to paint Batman as a dangerous madman, and in turn forces Batman to question his own sanity as well as the plausibility of his mission.

Some believe that Tom Hardy, who is the first new actor to join TDKR, is playing Strange.

The film is also casting two female lead roles.  One is a love interest while the other is a villain.  Since Catwoman features in Prey, some have assumed that she’ll be in the movie.  Of course, nothing has been confirmed regarding the story so this is all just conjecture.

However, we know that the villain won’t be The Riddler or Mr. Freeze.  Also, The Joker isn’t returning and Aaron Eckhart recently confirmed that we won’t be seeing Two-Face again either.

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