Listen to Samples of Hans Zimmer’s Score for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     June 14, 2012


Easily one of the most widely known composers working today, Hans Zimmer’s variety of compositions ranges from bombastic (Pirates of the Caribbean) to ethereal (Gladiator) to bubbly (The Holiday).  In addition to scoring an average of 27 films a year, the composer has also worked up a nice collaboration with director Christopher Nolan having done the first two Batman films and 2010’s Inception.  He returns as composer for The Dark Knight Rises, though this time he’s taking the reins without James Newton Howard, who collaborated with Zimmer on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  We recently got our first look at the track listing for the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack, and now 30-second samples of Zimmer’s score have landed online that give us a nice tease of what the composer has cooked up for the villain Bane.

Hit the jump to take a listen.  The soundtrack will be available on July 17th, while The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.

Thanks to BatmanNews for the heads up.


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