THE DARK KNIGHT Viral Promotion – The Joker’s Bag is Found in Sao Paolo, Brazil

     April 1, 2008

“The Dark Knight” movie has been one of the biggest users of online viral ads ever. While I can’t keep track of all of them, it seems like every week we get a few new sites to help keep awareness high for the new movie. For fans that want to invest time in the promotion, you’ve been getting rewarded with a great campaign.

Anyway, a new website ( was recently launched and it went live today with a lot of new info. Since one of the cities listed for the promotion was Sao Paolo, it would make sense that our partners at Omelete (they’re in Sao Paolo) would find the Joker’s Bag.

For those that don’t know…when we post videos on Collider they are always tagged with two logos – Collider’s and Omelete’s. That’s because our two sites are partners and whenever we get anything on Collider they use it on Omelete and vice versa. It’s a great marriage and one that’s benefitted both sites and audiences.

Anyhow, the guys at Omelete found the Joker’s Bag and unless you can read Portuguese, I’ll let Erico explain how they got it and what happened.

Written by Érico Borgo

With the beginning of the race to find one of the Joker’s bags, started at, we ran to Eldorado Shopping Center, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The clue was clear: “Ready to have a ball? A special bag of fun awaits the first to claim it, but you’d better strike fast, there’s no time to spare!” – ok, BALL STRIKE SPARE equals bowling – and the shopping has one, so it was just a matter of getting there (and beat the transit in Sao Paulo) and then talk to the clerk and ask for SCOOTER. Luckily, we were the first ones, so someone presented us with a bag containing a bowling ball (with a number written on it), a Joker card, a cell phone and a note. The note said: “Nice work clown! Now call the number on the ball immediately”. A girl answered and said “thanks for calling, now we now who you are. bye, bye”. The Joker is upto something… and I bet we’re getting a call very soon…

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