‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Red-Band Trailer Delivers NSFW Zombie Kills

     May 14, 2019


If there’s one thing we all know about killing zombies, it’s that you gotta go for the head. Or as Adam Driver puts it in the red-band trailer for Jim Jarmusch‘s upcoming zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, you gotta “kill the head”. Focus Features has debuted a new trailer from the star-studded film, which boasts the extremely earned tagline “the greatest zombie cast ever dissasembled,” and it’s jam-packed with bloody dusty(?) decapitations.

This film kind of snuck up on people when the first trailer debuted last month, and every new piece of marketing just makes it seem like a truly spectacular gem. Driver, who recently teamed up with Jarmusch for  2016’s Paterson, was seemingly designed in a lab as the perfect deadpan partner for Bill Murray, and while I’m excited to see the whole incredible cast in action against the zombie plague, the timing between those two is easily the highlight of the new trailer (even with all the decapitating.) Throw in a little bit of Tilda Swinton as a sword-wielding mortician with questionable makeup skills, Carol Kane in full zombie mode, and dash of grindhouse voiceover, and you’ve got yourself a must-watch.

The film also stars Chloë SevignySteve BuscemiDanny GloverCaleb Landry JonesRosie PerezSara DriverRZASelena GomezAustin ButlerLuka Sabbat and Tom Waits. The Dead Don’t Die just premiered at Cannes where it opened the festival to mixed reviews and will next head to the Overlook Film Festival before arriving in theaters on June 14. Check out red-band trailer below.

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