First Image and Synopsis for THE DECOY BRIDE

     November 11, 2010

We have good news coming from the American Film Market (AFM) for all you diehard fans of British romantic comedies and David Tennant; and we know there are a lot of you. The Decoy Bride, staring Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire), David Tennant (Doctor Who), and Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League), now has an official synopsis and a first image.  Hit the jump to see them both.

Update: The studio has asked us to take down the images. Sorry if you missed them.

Here’s the synopsis:

After lovelorn Katie (Kelly MacDonald) is dumped at the altar, she returns home to her windswept Scottish island, thinking she will never walk down the aisle. Little does she know that Hollywood superstar Lara (Alice Eve) has chosen the island as the secret venue for her marriage to her gorgeous boyfriend James (Dr Who’s David Tennant).

But with the paparazzi hard on her tail, Lara needs to throw them off the scent. Katie agrees to dress in white and walk down the aisle as Lara’s ‘decoy bride.’

Wedding bells ring, love blooms, but who ends up happily ever after?

Based on Eve’s last romantic comedy, and most romantic comedies ever made, I can assume that everyone will end up happily ever after in one way or another, thus rendering the above question pointless. Here’s hoping that all the characters end up at an airport and Tennant ‘s character gets there just in time to profess his love to the girl of his dreams, whoever that may be.

With “The Doctor” starring in the film, arguably at the peak of his popularity, it’s not hard to see this film doing reasonably well at the box office. And while some may find Tennant’s foray into romantic comedies disappointing, personally, I won’t be watching this movie in order to find out.

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