‘The Do-Over’: Adam Sandler Runs People Over in New NSFW Trailer

     May 23, 2016


Netflix has unveiled a new and final red-band trailer for the upcoming Adam Sandler action-comedy The Do-Over. The film comes on the heels of the release of Sandler’s first Netflix Original Movie, the Western spoof The Ridiculous Six, and marks the second in a series of films he’s poised to make in partnership with the streaming giant. This film finds Sandler playing a gun-savvy mystery man who, after attending a school reunion, reconnects with his old pal (David Spade) and fakes their deaths, whisking Spade’s character away to a new life and a new identity. All is not well, however, as the two are promptly tracked down and come into contact with a series of dangerous individuals.

This new trailer parades the familiar faces from Sandler’s comedies around in various roles, like Nick Swardson, but also gives us a better look at characters played by Paula Patton and Kathryn Hahn. The picture reunites Sandler with his Mr. Deeds and Little Nicky director Steven Brill, whose resume is a bit hit and miss (Heavy Weights, Drillbit Taylor).

There aren’t too many laughs to be found here, but Sandler does appear to be tackling something akin to an R-rating with some profanity laced throughout. Whether this will be an improvement over the abomination that is The Ridiculous Six remains to be seen, but if you want to watch some good Adam Sandler movies on Netflix, be sure to consult Dave’s ranked list of all of Sandler’s films available to watch on the streaming service.

Check out the new The Do-Over trailer below. The film will be available to watch exclusively on Netflix on May 27th.


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