Watch: Clive Owen Returns as The Driver in Neill Blomkamp’s Short Film ‘The Escape’

     October 24, 2016


When it comes to movie marketing, there are generally two schools of thought: A film can either cram references to every suitor into the narrative in an obtrusive way like Man of Steel‘s record-setting product placement, or it can feature the tag “Presented by Company X” and let the director’s artistic vision shine through regardless of the merchandise being hawked. A fine example of the latter is the new short film The Escape that’s clearly a glossy, stylized commercial for BMW (and its BMW Films production banner) just as it’s clearly from the creative vision of Neill Blomkamp.

Known for spotlighting roguish heroes, fast-paced action that tends toward the militaristic, and an anti-authoritarian message tinted with science-fiction elements, Blomkamp was either the perfect director for The Escape, or BMW Films was the perfect partner to let him and co-writer David Carter tackle a unique short film. The Escape sees Clive Owen starring as a driver tasked with transporting Jon Bernthal‘s character, who in turn is escorting a unique entity played by Dakota Fanning. Fans of Owen and BMW Films will likely get the nod back to their previous collaboration The Hire back in the early 2000s, but this short film is a fun ride either way.

Watch the BMW Films presentation of The Escape below, followed by two behind-the-scenes featurettes:

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

After the controversial disappearance of their Chief Medical Officer, a shadowy bio genetics company is under siege by the FBI for secretly cloning humans. Amidst the chaos, Molgen’s head mercenary Holt (Jon Bernthal) is sneaking out the last living clone, a young woman named Lily (Dakota Fanning) to a mysterious buyer. Holt has hired The Driver (Clive Owen), accompanied by a heavily armed squadron of fellow Molgen mercenaries, to evade the authorities and deliver Lily and himself to the buyer. The journey takes an unexpected turn and Holt is forced to take matters into his own hands, as the driver once again demonstrates his mettle and extraordinary driving skills.

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