Fox Developing THE EXPENDABLES TV Series

     March 5, 2015


If you were sitting through the Expendables movies thinking, “Boy, I wish they had something like this for television, with old TV stars instead of old movie stars,” then Fox must have read your mind. Deadline reports that the network is developing an Expendables TV show with Sylvester Stallone executive producing, with the goal of reuniting iconic television stars for a “men on a mission” story just like the films. Greg Coolidge (Ride Along) and Kirk Ward are writing the so-called “event series” with NCIS: LA executive producer Shane Brennan set to act as showrunner.

Though writing is underway, it’s not yet known which actors are being eyed to front the Expendables TV show. Names like Kiefer Sutherland, Lucy Lawless, and David Hasselhoff immediately come to mind, but I’m sure you readers will have plenty of suggestions of your own to leave in the comments section. The potential series is described as “a fun action drama that unites iconic TV stars as a new team of highly-skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist.”

the-expendables-tv-show-sylvester-stalloneLionsgate TV is producing the effort, but it’s important to note that it hasn’t been ordered to series just yet. I imagine Coolidge and Ward will work on the script while producers (namely Stallone) will start approaching potential stars. If they assemble enough starpower to Fox’s liking, this would be an easy greenlight for the network. Fox did very well with 24 for years, and the miniseries 24: Live Another Day proved audiences were hungry for more Jack Bauer. If they put together an intriguing enough cast here (note: I didn’t necessarily say good), there’ll be enough of a reason to tune in and see what becomes of this action-geared series.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate continues to develop feature film sequels to The Expendables film franchise, though the most recent installment The Expendables 3 was a low point for the series with $206 million worldwide (admittedly the leak hindered its performance somewhat). This TV series may be Lionsgate’s way of maintaining the brand without risking another pricey movie that could bomb. The studio is also developing a female-centric spinoff called The Expendabelles.

What do you make of this, readers? Would you tune into The Expendables: The TV Show? Which actors would you most like to see pop up? Sound off in the comments below.