THE FALL Renewed for Season 3; Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan Will Return

     March 10, 2015


In a move that shouldn’t be seen as totally surprising (but is still great news), BBC Two has renewed The Fall for a third season. The British crime series, which has also aired in the U.S. on Netflix, stars Jamie Dornan as a serial killer who is pursued by a Detective Superintendent (Gillian Anderson) whom he also stalks.

According to Deadline, Allan Cubitt, the series’ creator/writer/director, spoke at the Netflix TCA panel in January about his confidence regarding a third season. And so it has come to pass.

the-fall-gillian-andersonThings came to a head in the Season 2 finale, when Anderson’s character Stella Gibson was finally able to pin a crime on Dornan’s Paul Spector. After being unable to hide any longer as a supposed family man and therapist, the main thrust of Season 2 revolved around a woman Paul had kidnapped and presumably killed. But the finale saw a twist to that story that left a huge cliffhanger moving forward. It only seems right that Paul and Stella’s story will get a third chapter (assuming he lives through it …). The third season is being described as “one last act,” so this will likely also be the end of the series.

It will be interesting to see what direction this third season goes in, too, as the first was unrelentingly violent and savage in its portrayal of Paul’s crimes, while Season 2 took a step back and became more of a psychological thriller.

The third season will run for 5 episodes (like its first; the second season was expanded to 6), but does not have a launch date as of yet. The first 2 seasons are currently available on Netfilx. You can check out a tease for Season 3 here: