The First Image of Chris Evans as THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA…Using Photoshop

     March 23, 2010

chris_evans as Captain America slice.jpg

With the drama of who will play The First Avenger: Captain America finally over as Chris Evans has agreed to play the iconic comic book character, it’s finally time to get to what’s important: how will he look wearing the costume! And thanks to Collider reader Dredd and his photoshop skills, after the jump you can see an image of Evans wearing the costume.

While I don’t think the image is perfect by any means, it is the first time I’ve seen anybody try and picture what Evans will look like under the mask.  Obviously this is the first of many fan created images…and I’ll probably post more of them unless I get a lot of emails telling me not to.  So…what do you all think of Evans as Captain America?  Personally, I’m on board with the decision, but if they were going to make Captain America a few years older, I would have loved Jon Hamm in the role.

With filming set to begin June 28 in Europe, Evans has plenty of time to bulk up.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll really look like.

chris_evans as Captain America.jpg


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