Brett Ratner to Produce THE FLAMINGO KID Remake for Disney

     September 19, 2012


And the remakes keep on coming.  Walt Disney Pictures is moving forward with an update of director Garry Marshall’s 1984 comedy The Flamingo Kid.  The original film starred Matt Dillon as a working class kid who takes a summer job at a beach resort, only to be taken under the club owner’s wing and coerced to leave his blue-collar roots behind in favor of the luxury-living lifestyle.  Deadline reports that Brett Ratner (but of course) will produce the remake for Walt Disney Pictures alongside Michael Phillips (The Sting).  Music video director Nzingha Stewart has been tasked with writing the screenplay, but no director has been set on the project just yet.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the original The Flamingo Kid.

Here’s the trailer for 1984’s The Flamingo Kid:


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