‘Arrow’-verse Teaser Trailer Shows the Heroes Suiting Up for New Episodes

     January 3, 2018

arrow-the-flash-crossver-crisis-on-earth-xThe return of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl is nigh! (Not yet for Legends of Tomorrow though — see my note below the trailer). One of the best TV events of 2017 was the Arrow-verse crossover, and so in that spirit, the CW has released a short teaser trailer that shows members of the four series all getting suited-up together. It is exceptionally adorable, especially when Oliver (Stephen Amell) admonishes Barry (Grant Gustin) and Kara (Melissa Benoist) for not being fast enough … which, of course, is subsequently not a problem.

Though we will not likely get another full crossover until next fall, it’s really fun to see these characters interacting even in small ways. I’m hoping for some mini-crossovers among the series throughout the spring season (I mean, Cisco fixing the smudges on Ray’s visor is probably a Top 10 Arrow-verse moment for me now). But as each of the series return this winter, they’re all facing some pretty heavy stuff — Reign for Supergirl, DeVoe for The Flash, and the break-up of Team Arrow. And as all of these shows have (hopefully) learned, a little levity can help that darkness immensely.

Check out the trailer below:

Also, you can read the synopses for each of the series’ new episodes (minus Legends — remember, Legendstimeslot moved to accommodate Black Lightning‘s premiere, and it will then take over Supergirl‘s spot on Mondays starting February 12th):