5 Reasons Why ‘The Flash’ Is a Better Time Travel Show than ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

     April 15, 2016


With the success of Arrow and The Flash, two shows I’ve been impressed with and enjoyed from day one, I was as jazzed as the next guy to hear about a third show set in the same universe, taking cast members from both series, centering on a team, and involving, time travel. Aww, hell yeah! I loves me some time travel. But — it has to be time travel done right and with a fresh take if at all possible. Because even non-genre shows are known to use time travel from time to time (Castle had a very interesting one a few years back, for instance). So a show whose entire mythology is based on it better be delivering the goods. The bar is already high thanks to some stellar episodes involving time hopping in The Flash, and this is just the first season of Legends, so it can be afforded a certain amount of slack. But honestly, slack isn’t going to help basic deficiencies in the premise of the show that have been inherent since the pilot. So while Legends of Tomorrow is built upon a series of temporal adventures, it’s not the best time travel show on TV. It’s not even the best time travel show in its own universe. In fact, here are five ways that The Flash is beating Legends at its own game.