‘The Flash’: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein Have Closed Their Deal to Direct

     March 3, 2018


It’s officially official: John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are directing The Flash movie. News broke in January that the Horrible Bosses screenwriters had entered negotiations to direct Flashpoint for Warner Bros. and DC, but during the press rounds for their hit action-comedy Game Night, the filmmaking duo clarified that their deal to direct The Flash movie wasn’t closed—meaning it was always possible things might not work out. But sources close to the situation have confirmed to Collider that Daley and Goldstein have now closed their deal to direct The Flash, and Daley sent out a tweet saying as much, so they are now officially signed on to direct the standalone DC movie.

This film has been in the works at Warner Bros. for some time now, with the intention for Justice League to introduce audiences to Ezra Miller’s Flash character, followed by his solo movie. In the early days of development, back in 2015, Dark Shadows writer Seth Grahame-Smith was onboard to write and direct, but Warner Bros. subsequently replaced him with Dope helmer Rick Famuyiwa in the wake of Batman v Superman’s release. Then, in November 2016, just a few months before filming on The Flash was set to begin, Famuyiwa dropped out of the director’s chair over creative differences.


Image via Warner Bros.

It’s unclear if Daley and Goldstein are working from an existing script or if they’ll jump in and do some scriptwork themselves, but the duo have proven adept at both writing a compelling superhero movie with a young hero (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and directing a cinematic, engaging action-comedy with a significant budget (Game Night).

Daley and Goldstein revealed exclusively to Collider last month that Warner Bros. approached them about potentially directing a DC movie based on the strength of their work on Spider-Man and Game Night, and Daley explained that they sparked to The Flash for a very specific reason:

“Just the fact that the character is unique from other superheroes in that he doesn’t completely have his shit together like Superman does. It’s more of a ground-level superhero.”


Image via Warner Bros.

While there have been growing pains, Warner Bros. is taking great strides to get the DCEU on the right course, and Daley and Goldstein seem like a swell choice to bring The Flash to the big screen. Game Night garnered positive reviews and got off to a solid start at the box office—especially considering it opened the week after Black Panther—and quality-wise is simply a really strong showcase of the duo’s directing potential.

While Warner Bros. previously announced the title of The Flash movie as Flashpoint, alluding to a time-travel-centric arc from the comics, it’s always possible Daley and Goldstein are starting from scratch and could be taking the story in a different direction. All we know for sure right now is that Daley and Goldstein are directing, and with their deal secure we should hear more news about The Flash movie in the coming months.

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