‘The Flash’ Poll: Who Is Zoom?

     February 18, 2016


The Flash’s Zoom is one of the best villains on TV right now. This shouldn’t be an unfamiliar feeling for the writers of The Flash. Season 1 also boasted an impressively menacing villain in the seemingly magnanimous Harrison Wells, an enemy Team Flash not only trusted, but loved. His reveal was the ultimate betrayal for Team Flash, one they are still dealing with the emotional consequences of in Season 2.

The most impressive thing about The Flash’s continued streak of master Big Bads is that they are rendered in such different fashions. While Harrison Wells was scary for his emotional intelligence and the ways in which he had successfully infiltrated the team (by straight-up building it himself), Zoom is a completely different kind of villain. He is scary for how outmatched Team Flash seems to be in relation to him — and for how little even the audience knows about Zoom. While the audience knew that Harrison Wells was potentially working against Team Flash early on, we still have no idea who Zoom might be well into Season 2. We don’t even have dramatic irony to comfort us.

The Flash’s most recent episode — “Escape From Earth-2” — gave us more clues than ever as to who the man behind that scary, scary mask/voice might be. Here are some of the greatest contenders — along with what their respective reveals as Zoom might mean for Team Flash. Who do you think Zoom might be? Speculation and voting below: