‘Flash’ Boss Andrew Kreisberg on Black Flash and the Return of Gorilla Grodd

     January 8, 2017


At the CW TCA session today (TCA being the TV Critics Association, which holds two press tours a year in L.A. for networks to get more in-depth about their current and upcoming shows), the producers of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Supergirl had a panel on the VFX work of these series, and how they combine stunts with CGI. (It’s seriously amazing what they accomplish every week with the budget and time constraints they contend with). Afterwards, Flash boss Andrew Kreisberg spoke to us and a handful of other outlets about what we can expect from the second half of this season. Regarding the question of how Barry can save Iris, after he saw Savitar killing her in a potential future, Kreisberg spoke about how Team Flash will be tweaking elements of the present to try and affect the future, because now they have a “roadmap” to try and adjust that outcome.

“It’s fun for us because it reminds us of Oliver’s list; they have a mission every week to see if they can change the future, which is something we’ve never don’t before — most of Flash is about the hold that the past has on you, and how you can’t change your past or the terrible things that happened to you, they’ve never really had to deal with knowing something terrible is happening down the pike, and can they avert it?”


Image via The CW

At the summer TCA tour, Kreisberg teased that there would be a two-part Gorilla Grodd episode in the spring, and he revealed today that we will be traveling to Gorilla City (on Earth-2) and that one of the episodes will take place there while the other will be back on Earth-1. Also, Keith David has been cast as the voice of Solovar (which according to Wikipedia, in Flashpoint he was the original ruler of Gorilla City in the comics before being overthrown by Grodd, which would make sense for this story since last we saw Grodd it looked like Gorilla City was already in existence).

Another familiar baddie this year will come in the form of Black Flash, which is what Zoom essentially turned into at the end of last season (you can read more about him with our explainer). Kreisberg confirmed that Black Flash will actually appear on multiple shows within the Arrowverse, but whether or not Teddy Sears will be playing him (or if he will just be CG) he could not say.

“[Black Flash is] a classic character, and we have storylines on several shows that fit having him return. There’s something so scary about him, even scarier than when he was just a man, because now he is the grim reaper, he is like the devil, and how do you stop the devil? So it presents an interesting challenge for the heroes of the respective shows in which he appears.”

Stay tuned for more Arrowverse updates from our TCA coverage, including some new information about the Flash and Supergirl crossover. The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesday, January 24th.