‘The Flash’ Cast Tease the Return of Killer Frost and New Wells’ Backstory

     November 15, 2016


Ever since Flashpoint, Team Flash hasn’t been the same that we knew and loved last season. The Flash Season 3 has seen Caitlin dealing with her Earth-2 doppelganger’s icy powers, another new Harrison Wells, a grieving Cisco and a reckless Wally. That’s a whole lot of change, not to mention Barry’s regrets.

Collider visited The Flash set in Vancouver earlier this month with a group of journalists to talk to Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Harrison Wells/HR), and Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) about what’s coming up for their characters and Team Flash:

Caitlin as Killer Frost

If you’ve been wanting and waiting for more Caitlin Snow, you are going to be happy with the upcoming episodes. According to Panabaker, the next two episodes continue to focus on Caitlin and her transformation to Killer Frost, “She’s going to have to figure out different ways to cope with these changes.”


Image via The CW

Though, Caitlin isn’t going to be quick to let her team in on her secret. Why does she keep it to herself? “I think she doesn’t understand it,” Panabaker said. “I think that conversation would be a little bit difficult, like, ‘Hey guys, I don’t have any answers, but here you go,’ especially for Caitlin as a scientist and someone who is focused on always having the answers. She wants to get this figured out for herself before she comes to the team with her request for them, etc.”

Introducing Harrison Wells, a.k.a. HR, the Novelist

Team Flash got quite a surprise when they found out the Earth-19 Harrison Wells wasn’t a scientist, but instead a novelist. It looks like he’ll be sticking around, but how he’ll contribute remains to be seen. Lonsdale explained, “It’s not a Wells that we can easily count on all the time. That’s something that’s quite different from the other Wells, not being a scientist.”

While HR may not help the team in the same way has alternate versions, we will learn more about him, “You can expect a lot of HR’s business and backstory to be rooted in some of this writing of his, and specifically the narrative that he’s tackling will reveal itself over upcoming episodes,” Valdes said.

Cavanagh stressed that this will be a unique version of Wells, “I didn’t want to repeat myself from last year. So what I thought I would try this year is a guy who fills it up with comedy, if you will, or a bit of a con man. The same element of if you can trust him or not is there, but in a different way.”

Dante’s Death Continues to Affect Cisco


Image via The CW

In this new timeline, Cisco is dealing with his brother’s death, which has influenced how Valdes plays the role, “I have found it interesting to balance the comic expectations of this character while at the same time grounding him out in the realistic grief that he’s undergoing at this moment,” he said.

This tragedy will remain an integral aspect of Cisco’s character. “It’s been interesting and continues to be interesting to explore how that grief defines Cisco and his trajectory from here on out,” Valdes said. “It becomes clearer as more episodes transpire that Dante’s death played a role into Cisco’s growth as a person.”

A Reckless Wally

Wally’s having dreams of Kid Flash and they aren’t likely going to be good for him. Lonsdale explained that Wally’s “always been missing something in his life.” At first it was his father and sister, and now, “he’s having dreams and knows that there’s potentially another path he can take with that.”

Wally may appear reckless, but Lonsdale said, “He’s not reckless for no reason. He has passion. There’s a desperation and as he wants to prove himself, we’ll start to understand why he is reckless. He sometimes maybe doesn’t put enough value on his own life, which is something that he needs to learn.”

Lonsdale continued, “It’s definitely going to go deeper and deeper,as these dreams go further, and manipulate in different ways, and he’ll definitely be more affected, not necessarily as just more reckless but it will strike a struggle in him.”

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on the CW.