‘The Flash’ Season 3: Grant Gustin Teases Flashpoint Storyline

     June 20, 2016


To put it lightly, a lot of shit went down in Season 2 of The Flash, the CW’s best superhero show unless the changes made to Supergirl in the transition between CBS and CW are truly daring. Zoom, the Man in the Mask, King Shark, and all that Earth-2 nonsense gave the series a zip of mad creation even as the story got so needlessly convoluted that each turn was better for a smirk than a feeling of sympathy or being genuinely moved. So when (SPOILER ALERT!) the season ended with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) saving his mother from being killed in the past, many people wondered if the series would go full-hog and embrace the absolutely insane Flashpoint storyline, from the 2011 run of the comics.

Well, today, Gustin, with permission from producer and creative force Greg Berlanti, essentially confirmed that Flashpoint will be part of Season 3 in some sense. You can read the short exchange between Gustin and Berlanti below:

So, there’s that. I won’t get too far into what exactly goes down in Flashpoint – fans of the series know, those who don’t won’t want the spoilers – but to say that the world that Barry comes into after the return of his mother is one strange place is the understatement of this century. Of course, it’s unlikely that the producers will try to encompass everything that happens in the Flashpoint storyline – all the Justice League stuff will probably be cut down or out completely. Still, this could bring the CW’s hugely enjoyable pop extravaganza into a delirious new state of narrative invention, diving deeper into the mythology of the character than most movies would ever dare to. All I can say, for now, is that I can’t wait for Season 3 to arrive. In the meantime, you can check out Kayti’s breakdown about what we’d like to see in the next season here and Dave’s piece on Black Flash right here.

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Image via The CW


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