‘The Flash’ Season 3: See the First Look at Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash Costume

     July 12, 2016

Ever since Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) was first introduced on The Flash Season 2, fans of the comics have been waiting for him to take up the mantle of his comic predecessor and become Kid Flash. In the comics, Wally is Iris West’s red-headed nephew, but on the CW series, Wally is Iris’s (Candice Patton) long-lost brother. And while it took him awhile to find out that Barry (Grant Gustin) was the Flash — a figure he revered — he finally became clued in around the same time that the gang’s tampering with the Speed Force (to catch Zoom) created an electrical burst that many thought would be the proverbial lightning strike that would give Wally his powers.

Alas, that was not (yet) to be. However, the CW has now released two new images of Wally in a Flash costume, where he will be introduced as Kid Flash during the Season 3 premiere, “Flashpoint.” In the Season 2 finale, Barry made the decision to change history so that his mother would live, which means that the first part of Season 3 will explore what that altered timeline looks like. Most notably, Barry won’t have his powers, meaning he’s just a regular CSI at CCPD, alongside a new character played by Harry Potter alum Tom Felton.


Image via The CW

In a post on the DC Comics website, it’s noted that Wally’s costume is very similar to that of the comics, with the yellow and red design, as well as the exposed hair. I think the exposed hair part is a little weird — it looks like a helmet missing its top — but maybe it’ll look better in motion. The yellow design also looks a lot like Reverse Flash to me, although the red pants differentiate it.

The Flash’s journey to Earth-2 brought about some of my favorite episodes of Season 2, and I personally can’t wait to see where all of the core cast end up in this alternate timeline, or how the timeline itself will be resolved. We haven’t gotten any information about what else we can expect from the new season, except the news that Kevin Smith will be back to direct another episode this year. Grant Gustin also recently commented that “We’re definitely doing this [Flashpoint] thing our own way,” which means that while there will definitely be allusions to other stories, don’t expect it to follow along exactly.

So what do you guys think about the costume reveal and the fact that Wally may be Central City’s savior, at least to start Season 3? Do you think Teen Titans are going to be involved? Let us know in the comments.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 4th at 8 p.m., leading into the CW’s new series No Tomorrow.


Image via The CW


Image via The CW