Watch: ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Premiere Clip Teases New Central City Villain The Rival

     October 4, 2016

the-flash-season-3-premiere-images-sliceAnother day, another speedster added to The Flash universe. With Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen kickstarting the Flashpoint story arc in the CW series, viewers will see both Kid Flash and The Rival in an alternate reality stemming from Barry’s trip through time. A new clip has arrived to preview tonight’s season 2 premiere, and it shows the new villain of Central City facing off against this world’s speedster.

The Rival is essentially the equivalent of Reverse Flash but for Jay Garrick in the comics. Here, he’s the main antagonist for Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, played by Keiynan Lonsdale. Barry is seen in civilian attire chasing the two battling speedsters through Central City, and he catches The Rival monologuing before hurling lightning bolts at cops. Barry has his first interaction with Kid Flash when Wally sprints to push him out of harm’s way. You can take a look at the clip right below

Season 3 will debut Flashpoint, which follows the consequences of Barry traveling back to save his mother’s life. What ensues is an alternate timeline where Mrs. Allen (Michelle Harrison) never died and Barry never became The Flash. Instead, Wally is Central City’s resident speedster. The problem is that the more time this reality is allowed to exist, the more Barry forgets of his heroic life until there’s nothing left.

Also appearing in season 3 are Tom Felton as CSI Julian Dorn, Ashley Rickards as the villain The Top, Grey Damon as Mirror Master, Todd Lasance as The Rival, Joey King as the metahuman Magenta, Susan Walters as Caitlin’s mother, and Matt Letscher returning as Reverse-Flash.

Later on there will be a four-way crossover event involving Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow that sees The CW’s DC heroes teaming up against The Dominators, an alien race who love experimenting on meta-humans.