‘The Flash’ Season 3: Harry Potter Alum Tom Felton Joins the Cast In Key Role

     June 30, 2016

There’s a little bit of magic coming to The Flash in Season 3, and no, I’m not talking about Damien Darhk and that damned idol. Harry Potter star Tom Felton is joining the cast of the CW show as a series regular. There are a lot of questions surrounding where the show might go in Season 3, after Barry (Grant Gustin) made the decision to reset the timeline. Many have suggested the time for the Flashpoint Paradox is now, but we’re just starting to learn a little more what that will look like.

According to TVLine, Felton will be playing the role of Julian Dorne, a co-worker of Barry’s in the CSI department of Central City Police who suspects there is more to Barry than he lets on. So two things with this: one, there’s actually going to be someone who doesn’t yet know Barry is the Flash (because seriously, everybody else does — though perhaps not in this timeline!), and also, we’re going to actually get scenes of Barry working at CCPD?! Perish the thought!


Image via The CW

Though the show is leaning into the Flashpoint storyline, Gustin said that  “We’re definitely doing this [Flashpoint] thing our own way…. This will be its own thing.” Our own Chris Cabin commented on that storyline recently, saying:

I won’t get too far into what exactly goes down in Flashpoint – fans of the series know, those who don’t won’t want the spoilers – but to say that the world that Barry comes into after the return of his mother is one strange place is the understatement of this century. Of course, it’s unlikely that the producers will try to encompass everything that happens in the Flashpoint storyline – all the Justice League stuff will probably be cut down or out completely. Still, this could bring the CW’s hugely enjoyable pop extravaganza into a delirious new state of narrative invention, diving deeper into the mythology of the character than most movies would ever dare to.

The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 4th, and Felton is set to debut on the series early in its run. For more, check out some of our recent Arrow-verse coverage below:

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