‘The Flash’ Recap: “Luck Be a Lady” – Where’s Wally

     October 24, 2017


Who knew bad luck could be so funny? The Flash writers took bad karma and put Team Flash and Central City in many unfortunate situations on “Luck Be a Lady,” when one of the mysterious new metas, Hazard (a.k.a. Becky), turned her luck around at the expense of those around her.

The Flash began with The Thinker narrating Becky’s life prior to her becoming a Meta up until the moment she was hit with dark matter. This new storytelling format worked well to introduce Becky and her unlucky history, while still being mysterious as to why she was important, and how the bus of people were turned into metahumans.

Even though Becky was extremely unlucky in her pre-meta life, she wasn’t compassionate or likable, so her cavalier and selfish behavior when she gained luck at the expense of others was no surprise. It was all about her, without any regard or care about the cost to others.


Image via The CW

Is there such a thing as bad luck? Team Flash was definitely hit with many unfortunate situations and circumstances that made them appear to be jinxed. Poor Wally! The break-up cube was another fun and fitting difference betweens the worlds. On Earth-1, we may have the break-up text and ghosting, but the break-up cube is definitely a step up, especially since it comes with a tissue. How touching!

Barry and Iris’ wedding continued to be fiasco. Barry saw Iris in her wedding dress, they lost two wedding locations and Iris’ impromptu wedding was a no-go. With all the talk about Joe’s house and the family memories, the wedding has to be held there, right? Of course, some metahuman crisis will likely loom, but that’s par the course for this couple. Regardless of the troubles, Barry and Iris will get married. It may not happen according to their plans, but it’s destined to be.

Another certainty with Team Flash is that they may protect the city, but they also create many problems. You had to love Cisco’s admission that every time they “try to do something right, it goes horribly wrong.” Pulling Barry out of the Speed Force can now be added to the long list of disruptions they have caused. Sometimes, I wonder if Central City would be better off without Team Flash…. And then decide of course not.

Ultimately, it was The Thinker who was responsible for the dark matter situation by forcing Team Flash to get Barry out of the Speed Force without the time to consider all the possible consequences. At least now the team knows they have 10 more Metas to find and contain to prevent their unknown foe’s plan.


Image via The CW

“Luck Be a Lady” also saw some changes to Team Flash. Harry was kicked off Jesse’s team on Earth-2, which made the transition to having him return to Team Flash fitting. He’s been missed. It also provided a good explanation of why Jesse wouldn’t return with him. They don’t need another speedster.

This brings us to Wally and Kid Flash. When Wally called the team out for not missing him, I realized I didn’t miss him either. With Barry back as The Flash, the team (and the show) doesn’t need Wally. He was an extra team member and could have been utilized, but he’s not necessary. Will his departure to Blue Valley play a part in this storyline or one down the line? For some reason, the writers decided sending him to be with Jesse wasn’t the answer. (Maybe he can head to Legends of Tomorrow). Regardless, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Kid Flash.

Overall, this was an entertaining hour of The Flash. There were consequences to the team’s actions, and we learned more about the Thinker and the Mechanic’s plans, though their overall goal remains a mystery. The first three episodes of this season have laid out an intriguing mystery and foe for the season, while returning the series to the lighter tone that works best for it.

Rating: ★★★★ Very good