‘The Flash’ Recap: “Girls Night Out” – More Fun Than a Bucket of Shrapnel

     November 7, 2017


Your regularly scheduled recapper Carla Day will return next week!

Tonight’s episode of The Flash is titled “Girls Night Out”, so of course I’m the best possible flavor of recapper to handle this particular hour. While I thought that we’d be tagging along with Iris, Cecile, Caitlin, and Felicity (yes, Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards makes a guest appearance), the episode actually split the party along gender lines for two separate stories that had just about nothing to do with each other for once. That’s good because The Flash is currently juggling a lot of storylines, as this week’s “Previously on…” makes very apparent.

We’ve got Caitlin’s shady past under the crime boss Amunet coming back to haunt her, Cecile’s pregnancy and the physical/psychological complications that arise from it, the team’s search for the mysterious DeVoe and the rest of the 12 new metahumans, and the continuing adventures of The Elongated Man, a.k.a. Ralph Dibny. That’s a bunch. However, “Girls Night Out” actually checks the boxes on all of these plotlines in different ways, and successfully so, which is a bit of a surprise. The episode does so by letting the ladies and the gents have their own adventures without worrying so much about threading the two together.


Image via The CW

Let’s get the fellas out of the way, shall we? Essentially, their narrative in this episode boils down to a bro-down. It’s Barry’s bachelor party and the gang is saved from having to watch Cisco’s painstakingly put-together film reels of childhood Barry and Iris by an unexpected guest: Ralph Dibny. Just because he wasn’t invited to a quaint gathering at Joe’s house doesn’t mean that he can’t drag Barry, Joe, Cisco, and Harrison Wells off to a strip club, right?

The scenes at “Golden Booty” served to showcase Ralph’s personality, which walks the line between charming oddball and outright sleaze. It’ll be interesting to see how the Elongated Man fits into the S.T.A.R. Labs group; more interesting still will be how the fanbase responds to his inclusion in the storyline going forward. The standout moments from this side-plot include Barry’s very drunk behavior thanks to Cisco’s miscalculated cocktail and the surprising reveal that Cecile’s daughter Joanie is moonlighting as a stripper/undercover feminist reporter. Not much came of this reveal except for the exchange between Joe and Joanie, who are getting along just fine ahead of the eventual West-Horton union.

The real core story of “Girls Night Out” obviously centered on the ladies of The Flash, with Felicity popping by to add an out-of-town element to the bachelorette party / quiet night at a classy restaurant / fight for their lives against a metahuman. This hour has a half dozen metahumans, though not all of them jump into action. The main two that square off are Caitlin/Killer Frost and her recent employer, Amunet Black, played by guest star Katee Sackhoff. Amunet’s name has been dropped in earlier episodes and Caitlin’s past with the crime boss has been teased through scenes with Killer Frost and the one-eyed henchman Norvok. That past, and Norvok, catches up with Caitlin quite quickly as it’s revealed that the glass eye the thug sports is masking a snakelike tongue (for some ungodly reason) within his eye socket. This reveal would be enough to ruin just about anyone’s night.