‘The Flash’ Season 4: Tom Felton Will Not Return as a Series Regular

     July 25, 2017


Some interesting news today regarding The Flash Season 4. Some noticed that Tom Felton‘s character Julian Albert was not spotted in the trailer for the upcoming season, leaving his future with the series in doubt. EW has learned that Felton will in fact not be returning to Team Flash, nor has he been booked (yet) as a guest-star or in a recurring capacity. Julian we hardly knew ye!

Julian was one of the better parts of the show’s beleaguered third season, where he began as a workplace adversary for Barry, calling him out (rightfully) for not coming to work on time or doing his work properly. For those first few episodes in this post-Flashpoint world, Barry actually did go to work alongside Joe and Julian, as the show returned to its procedural roots. Deaths in the city were linked to new metas that were being spawned by Doctor Alchemy, later revealed to be Julian. But as Julian was actually just being mind-controlled by Savitar, Team Flash took him in as one of their own — after he repented, of course.


Image via The CW

From there, the show didn’t really know what to do with him, so it did the CW thing and set him up in a relationship arc with Caitlin. But when Julian tried to save Caitlin from being Killer Frost (yet again), she rejected him, and went on her way. However, since the trailers for Season 4 show Caitlin back to her old self, evidently that relationship didn’t work out regardless.

Julian was a good addition to the cast and was a great foil when it came to tempering Barry’s crazy Savitar-related schemes. However, Team Flash has grown to an untenable amount of characters, and now that HR is gone and Harrison Wells 2.0 is back, the “skeptic” spot has been filled, meaning that Julian isn’t really needed. And, I suppose it’s not as if he could just go back to being a forensic scientist and date Caitlin like everything was normal after everything he went through with Savitar, Gorilla City, and Team Flash — although frankly I would welcome that and a little more normalcy on the show.

What do you think about this development, and will you miss Julian’s character? Season 4 will take place six months after the Season 3 finale and may follow the Rebirth storyline, so there will definitely be a lot to catch up on with the team.

The Flash returns October 10th on the CW.