THE FLASH Still Running Says Screenwriter Dan Mazeau

     October 7, 2009


If you’re wondering whatever happened to the Scarlet Speedster, tales his film adaptation’s death have been greatly exaggerated.  According to screenwriter Dan Mazeau, “The Flash” is still zipping along. and he should know since he’s the screenwriter currently working on the movie.  Put on your winged helmet and hit the jump for more on what’s happening with Barry Allen/Wally West/your-preferred-Flash-alter-ego.

Yesterday, IGN ran an interview they did with producer Charles Roven, whose credits include “Twelve Monkeys”, “Three Kings”, and “The Dark Knight”, as well as the adaptation of DC Comics popular superhero, The Flash.  He said that development of the film had slowed down due to Warner Bros. wanting to take a different approach to the character; an approach where he would be a part of the larger DC Universe and help pave the way for a Justice League movie.  He noted that he hopes he can get re-involved with the project in the future.

That would help since he could meet its current screenwriter, Dan Mazeau.  Building off their interview with Roven, today IGN wrote a follow-up piece where Mazeau had this to say:

“Just to chime in on your latest article: The Flash has not been hobbled. Everything is moving forward as planned,” Mazeau explained. “I’m still writing the script. Geoff Johns is still consulting. Flash fans have no cause for concern, and — IMO — lots to be excited about.”

I’m assuming this quote came via e-mail and that Mazeua does not use the term “IMO” in real life.

It’s good that he said fans should be excited because I think a lot of us would be shocked if he said something like, “Fans should be having nightmares about what I’m going to do to this character.  Imagine two and a half hours of the Flash wearing leg-braces and he doesn’t get better.  He just hobbles around to mundane locations like the grocery store and the post office.  It will be totally depressing and all the money will go to making the braces completely CG.  Enjoy, nerds!  Oh, he’ll also be a convicted sex offender.”


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