‘The Flash’: Victor Garber and Franz Drameh Give Details on the New Firestorm

     October 28, 2015


Last week in Vancouver, we got to sit down with some of the Legends of Tomorrow cast on their set to discuss that upcoming series as well as The Flash, which is helping to launch it. In last night’s episode, “The Fury of Firestorm,” the action focused in part on finding a new match for Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) since the death of Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). After some missteps, the team finally was able to bring Jax Jefferson (Franz Drameh) into the fold, and a new Firestorm was born. Drameh and Garber told us a few things about the new Firestorm, and gave a small peak at what’s in store for them on Legends of Tomorrow.


Image via the CW

Firstly, Drameh and Garber already have a great rapport on screen; as Drameh told us, “working with Victor is amazing, there are so many jokes. The dynamic between Jax and Stein is that they are at loggerheads quite a lot — they’re two very different people in the way they think and the way they act. So, it’s a lot of fun bouncing back and forth between each other, and having disputes and disagreements.”

As a fan of the comics, Drameh was “over the moon” when he got the role, and said he turned into a big kid during the costume fitting. Garber has really been enjoying his role as Stein, too, saying, “I’m doing things at this stage in my career I never thought I would be doing, and it’s such a challenge. I love it.”

Garber does miss his Flash family though, especially as his relationship with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) was really turning into one of mentorship. “Hopefully we’ll be reunited again. I love [Carlos] … I just love working with him. I love the whole Flash world, I didn’t really want to leave because I was so happy there. But I’m happy to be here, too!”

But when it comes to Legends, Garber said his favorite character interactions are with Jax. “It’s getting adjusted to this new, other person that I’m a part of. It’s a new dynamic and very different from Robbie [Amell], and I think it’s pretty interesting, and I’m really enjoying that.”


Image via the CW

Drameh said that he’s bringing his own flare to his part in Firestorm (taking over from Robbie Amell), even though Jax “doesn’t want to be a superhero. He doesn’t want these powers, but he’s a good guy and he wants to help people, so when that opportunity arises he steps up to the plate and does his job.”

Fun fact, Drameh actually used to be in the London Youth Circus as a child, “dong trapeze, acrobatics, tightrope-walking … so I come from a pretty active background [although] I’m a bit rusty!” Will we be seeing some of that on Legends? Drameh said that Jax’s mechanical skills may come in handy, although mostly “it’s always good to have a nuclear man on board.”

When it comes to playing Jax, Drameh said, “the most fun actually is getting to become a completely different character to myself. For one he’s American, which I am not. That’s fun, I always love putting on accents; it really transforms me into a different person.”

Finally, I asked Victor Garber about what he has picked up from playing Stein, regarding multiple Earths and Stein’s brilliant problem-solving abilities: “If you think I have a clue …! Well, I have an idea. It’s very complicated, but it’s one of those things where you stay with it and things get revealed and you say ‘oh I see!’ I could be killed and come back from Earth 2 … so far that hasn’t happened to Dr. Stein, though.”

Anything is possible, but I certainly hope we avoid that fate! Garber and Drameh also teased that Legends “is so action-packed, [with] so many amazing scenes.” And though we weren’t allowed to take any pictures from the Legends set, I can confirm that I did get to go aboard Rip Hunter’s time ship, Waverider and it is amazing. Seriously, the most stunning set we visited all week. Get excited!

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on the CW; Legends of Tomorrow premieres January 2016.


Image via the CW


Image via the CW