‘The Flash’ Video Recap Show: With a Little Help from Star City

     December 2, 2015


Welcome back to Collider’s recap show for The Flash. Join John Rocha, Kaori Takee, and David Griffin as they review season 2, episode 8, entitled “Legends of Today.”

A new villain has emerged in the form of a powerful immortal named Vandal Savage who is relentlessly looking for Central City’s newest barista, one Kendra Saunders. Team Flash figures that the only way to stop such a formidable foe is to team up with the Green Arrow and his gang over in Star City.


Image via the CW

The now yearly crossover event episodes have become fan favorites, and for good reason. Barry and Oliver’s relationship has evolved into a kind of brotherly affection for one another. Oliver no longer sees the speedster as someone who needs mentoring, but as an equal in their ever evolving superhero world.

Kendra’s realization that she is indeed a meta-human was one the highlights this week, which also featured the introduction of another legend named Carter Hall, or Hawkman as he’s more widely known. According to Carter, he and Kendra have been lovers for over 4,000 years, while Vandal Savage hunts them down in order to maintain his immortality. After their deaths, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are reincarnated. Kendra it seems just needed a little “push” to jog her memory.

This crossover is slowly building up to what will eventually be the CW’s newest superhero show, Legends of Tomorrow. Find out more insights from tonight’s exciting episode in our weekly recap show.

The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, Shantel VanSenten, John Wesley Shipp, and Tom Cavanaugh. Check out the next episode of The Flash Season 2 on the CW next Tuesday at 8pm “Running To Stand Still”, and come back next week for an all new episode of The Flash recap show.

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Image via the CW