‘The Flash’ Poll: Who Is Savitar?

     April 26, 2017


At last, it seems like Savitar’s identity will be revealed in the next Flash episode, “I Know Who You Are.” This is a very good thing, because the question of Savitar’s identity has both overshadowed and bogged down a season that has been enslaved to this question. What’s worse, in a way, is that we didn’t know Savitar was even someone to be revealed until halfway through the season, when Barry tried to rip his head off. Prior to that, I think we all had pretty much assumed Savitar was just Savitar, a CG (now, mercifully mostly practical) Decepticon-looking “God of Speed”. But, The Flash loves ramping up emotions with these masked-man reveals, so it pretty clear now that Savitar will be someone we already know — but who?

I likely wouldn’t have as much of an issue with this late-season reveal if we hadn’t just seen Arrow do it differently and so much better. When that show’s masked villain Prometheus was revealed, it was someone we knew, but the unmasking didn’t really matter. Yes it messed greatly with Oliver’s head, but he still wasn’t able to stop Prometheus, and Prometheus’ game with Oliver had only just begun. In The Flash‘s second season, the late reveal of The Man in the Iron Mask worked because Lord knows there were enough Jay Garricks and dopplegangers running around (literally) to keep up with in the first place (and it was arguably more interesting even than the reveal of Zoom, who had enough of a comic basis to guess his origin). But when it comes to Savitar, I think we can presume it’s not a doppleganger or a new cast member (as we already, long ago, had the mini-reveal of Julian as Alchemy). It’s probably a member, past or present, of Team Flash. And yet, with only a handful of episodes left this season, it feels like one that will be resolved far too quickly, especially since we’ve been stuck on the question for the better part of a year.

“The Once and Future Flash” gave us perhaps our most important clue, however, with Caitlin / Killer Frost’s reaction to seeing Savitar revealed. She was surprised, but also immediately on board, if not somewhat reverential. This is someone she not only knows, but trusts completely, which narrows the field down considerably. So below is where we stand now, with a few thoughts on the likelihood of each. At the bottom, you can vote for your pick in our poll, and then come back to receive your gloating rights next week.