March 4, 2013


Fox’s announcement that they will be stacking their midseason next year with a slate of renewals is of little surprise: The Following, which stars Kevin Bacon, as well as Zooey Deschanel‘s New Girl are two of the network’s top rated series.  While some worried about the fates of The Mindy Project and Raising Hope, both have been performing well enough with viewers and critics to warrant an unsurprising return next year.

So far, the only Fox series in question is the Ryan Murphy-helmed musical series Glee, which is sure to be renewed after contract negotiations.  For fans of Touch (are there any?  Speak now!) the signs are pretty clear that it won’t be returning after this season.  For more on the renewed series, hit the jump.

the-following-posterI reviewed the first few episodes of The Following, but after it turned out to be little more than an obviously (and often gruesomely) executed procedural, I dropped it.  I’ve still been personally hate-watching it in service to my own apparent masochism, and I guess I can see why the series, for exactly the reasons mentioned, remains fairly popular in its lonely Monday night spot (even though Fox says it’s turned out to be “a big DVR performer”).

The network has also said The Following will likely return with another fifteen episode arc next year (the same number it has this year).  At least the networks are starting to see that, perhaps, 22-episode+ seasons are not the way to move forward, because they dilute the central story too much.  Maybe.  Probably not.

The Following and the Tuesday night comedies can now join the long-running procedural Bones, which was recently renewed  for its 9th season, in Fox’s “safe” category.  Look for the comedies to return in the Fall.

The Following airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. after Bones at 8