“You’re Boring Me”: Kiefer Sutherland on What Makes ‘The Fugitive’ Director So Unique

     August 3, 2020

Quibi’s got another big release dropping today and this one’s inspired by a 1960s Emmy winning series and the 1993 Academy Award winning feature film, The Fugitive. This rendition of the story stars Boyd Holbrook as Mike Ferro, an ex-con who’s doing everything he can to get his family back. Those plans are obliterated when he becomes the prime suspect in a subway bombing thanks to a “tweet now, confirm later” accusation. Now Mike has to do whatever it takes to clear his name while Kiefer Sutherland’s Captain Clay Bryce is hot on his trail.

The project reunited Sutherland with 24 director Stephen Hopkins who has a rather unique way of giving his cast notes. Here’s how Sutherland put it:

“Stephen has a unique way of directing that if you’re halfway through a scene and he’s not engaged, he really will yell out, ‘You’re boring me!’ And there’s very few people that I’ve worked with that are confident enough to tell you that in the middle of shooting his sequence. And it always makes me laugh, but then it always makes me fired up to go back. He and I just have a nice way of working together where he makes you want to really reach down deep and do your best.”


Image via Quibi

If you want to hear more from Holbrook and Sutherland about their experience working with Hopkins, if Holbrook and Hopkins ever swapped Predator stories, how Tommy Lee Jones’ Academy Award-winning performance inspired Sutherland and more, give the full interview a watch at the top of this article!

Boyd Holbrook and Kiefer Sutherland:

  • Why The Fugitive deserved another go-around.
  • How have current events amplified certain themes of The Fugitive?
  • How Tommy Lee Jones’ Academy Award winning performance inspired Sutherland’s take on the character.
  • Is there a “I didn’t kill my wife,” “I don’t care” moment in this new version?
  • Did the Quibi format challenge Sutherland and Holbrook in new ways?
  • Did writer Nick Santora’s Quibi knowhow come in handy?
  • Holbrook and Sutherland talk about working with Stephen Hopkins, and his unique way of directing.
  • Did Holbrook ever swap Predator stories with Hopkins?