‘The Gallows’: 20 Things to Know About the Road from Indie to Warner Bros. Horror Film

     July 10, 2015


Filmmaking duo Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing make an awesome feature debut with their indie horror film, The Gallows, starring Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos, and Cassidy Gifford. The found-footage style thriller, inspired by real events that occurred in Lofing’s home town of Beatrice, Nebraska, centers on a group of teens who attempt to resurrect a failed school play 20 years after the accidental death of its lead actor, Charlie Grimille. When producer Dean Schnider saw the filmmakers’ trailer on YouTube, he was impressed and agreed to represent them. He brought their work to the attention of producer Jason Blum and The Gallows became a Blumhouse movie distributed by Warner Bros.

At the Los Angeles press day, held at Hollywood High School in an auditorium that’s long been rumored to be haunted, Cluff, Lofing, Mishler, Brown, Shoos, Gifford, and Schnider talked about their creative collaboration, how Cluff and Lofing’s friendship led to Tremendum Pictures, what inspired them to do a horror film, how they found their cast, the last minute decision to bring Gifford onboard, what it was like for the actors to shoot found-footage style and work with two directors, their spookiest encounters on set, and the iconic look they found for Charlie.

the-gallows-posterFrom the interview, we’ve compiled a list of 20 interesting things to know about The Gallows. Be aware there may be a few spoilers.

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