Exclusive ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ Featurette Introduces a New Kind of Zombie

     April 24, 2017

Colm McCarthy‘s The Girl with All the Gifts is a much-needed shot in the ass for the zombie genre, which has grown stagnant, stale, and over corporatized over the last decade. But as is always the case with horror, when a genre gets stuck in a rut, someone inevitably comes along to shake something new lose. So it is with The Girl with all the Gifts, based on M.R. Carey‘s novel of the same name, which reimagines the zombie as “hungries”, aka fungus covered eco-monsters, and repurposes it as a metaphor for the sometimes bloody passage of power between generations. It’s a clever spin on a tired genre (read my full review here), and good news for those who missed it during the theatrical run, it lands on Blu-ray and DVD this week.

The Girl with All the Gifts stars Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine, and Sennia Nanua in a breakout turn as a young Hungry who can (sometimes) control her urges, and who might lead mankind to its salvation or its doom. The film arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD April 25, and is currently available On Demand.


Image via Saban Films

Watch our exclusive featurette above and check out the official synopsis below:

Humanity has been all but destroyed by a fungal disease that eradicates free will and turns its victims into flesh eating “hungries.” Only a small group of children seems immune to its effects.  At an army base in rural England, these unique children are being studied and subjected to cruel experiments.  When the base falls, one little girl escapes and must discover what she is, ultimately deciding both her own future and that of the human race.

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