New ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Season 2 Trailer Finds Carmen Ejogo Hiding Out in New Mexico

     October 1, 2017


This fall will bring a number of major series back (Stranger Things, Riverdale, and Mr. Robot) and a few very promising new titles, including Netflix’s The Punisher and USA’s Damnation. One of the titles that is at risk of falling below the radar is Starz’s The Girlfriend Experience, which gave us one of 2016’s best seasons of TV and is returning for a second season on November 5th. Starz just released the latest trailer for the season, which you can check out below.


Image via Starz

Where the last season focused on Riley Keough‘s quick-learn escort getting used to the bumpy legal landscape of her chosen career, the new season will focus on two separate women. First, there’s Anna Friel‘s Super PAC alpha-predator Erica Myles, who works for the Republican party. To blackmail a powerful fundraiser and gain entry to his information, she enlists Anna (Louisa Krause), an escort, and quickly begins a personal affair with her. As tends to be the case, things do not go as smoothly as she had originally envisioned.

The second and slightly more intriguing storyline centers on a former escort named Bria (Carmen Ejogo), who enters the Witness Protection Program with a new identity in New Mexico. She’s now responsible for her stepdaughter and is under the watchful eye of U.S. Marshal Ian Olsen, played by TV on the Radio singer Tunde Adebimpe. Problems start popping up for Bria when she reverts to her previous ways of making a living in her new hometown, which brings unwanted attention from her previous customers.

The trailer does a good job of making both storylines suggest a bevy of political and philosophical ideas teeming underneath while also showcasing some truly gripping moments from these very different lives. What’s most important is that the new season will once again be oversaw by Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan, who fitted the first season with a brisk, confident style that often alluded to matters of reflection, capitalism, identity, and power. There are certain images that nod toward those same ideas in this latest trailer while also venturing out into less clinical, more warm and expressive imagery. We’ll know more when November 5th arrives, but for now, this could very well be the most promising new season of television currently on the docket.

Here’s the new trailer for The Girlfriend Experience‘s second season: