Last Night’s ‘The Good Place’ Saved Its Best Punny Easter Eggs for the Credits

     October 19, 2018


If you watch The Good Place—one of the best shows on TV right now—then you’re aware that creator Michael Schur’s serialized comedy is jam-packed with all kinds of jokes, callbacks, and visual gags. Despite the fact that it’s a half-hour sitcom, this is still a show with the mythological complexity of LOST, and the writers have a lot of fun filling the world with as many Easter eggs as possible. A perfect example is the many names of the restaurants in “The Good Place” in the show’s first season. They were all puns, but writer Megan Amram took to Twitter to reveal an insanely long list of alternates like Lasagna Come Out Tomorrow, Focaccia Red Handed, and Miso-Gyny.

Well it appears Pun Queen Megan Amram is at it again. Last night’s episode of The Good Place, “Jeremy Bearimy”, was written by Amram, and while the episode itself didn’t offer a ton of opportunities for puns (although the chili-related humor was A+), Amram found the perfect place to hide them: in the credits.

Yes indeed, if you watched closely, the credits for last night’s Season 3 episode of The Good Place listed off the various supporting character names for folks that either had a line or two or just stood around in the background. Never letting an opportunity for a good joke pass by, the character names are mostly just fantastic celebrity-themed puns. There’s “Mylie Kinogue” and “Gel Mibson” and my personal favorite, “Mark Supial.” And if you’re a fan of Schur’s previous show Parks and Recreation, you may have noticed that Tahani’s safe was made by “Swanson Safe Company.” Hmm…

A keened-eyed viewer spotted the punny character names and put them on Twitter for all to enjoy, so take a look below. And if you’re not watching The Good Place (and for some reason has read all this way), what is wrong with you?