Corey Feldman, Lupe Ontiveros, Richard Donner, and Mike Fenton Reflect on THE GOONIES 25th Anniversary

     November 5, 2010

To mark the release of the 25th Anniversary DVD and Blu-ray of The Goonies, the cast and crew — including director Richard Donner, casting director Mike Fenton, and stars Corey Feldman and Lupe Ontiveros — chatted with us about their experiences on set and being a part of such a memorable film.  Everyone has a favorite film of the eighties — one that resonates with them throughout the years. Doesn’t matter what genre it is. There’s just something about the movie that sticks with a person.

Donner took a fantasy adventure about a group of kids finding a pirate treasure map and made it into one of the most memorable family films in the past thirty years. Hit the jump to hear the cast and crew reflect on the 25th anniversary.

The actors who played the characters have grown from the cute little kids we know and love from the film to adults. When we sat down with Corey Feldman, he talked about how surreal it is to look back on the film twenty five years later.

“I grew up watching that and The Wizard of Oz so I love those kind of movies. To find out that The Goonies has managed to plug it’s way through and rise to that level as one of those films that’s still there, that to me is such a blessing and such an honor to be part of that, because I know, you know, when I was watching those movies as a kid and growing up thinking, ‘God, what it must be like to be one of the adults now that was in this movie as a kid and how cool they must feel to be a part of something so magical.’ Now I’m an adult looking back and I think wow, I was a part of something that magical. So it is an honor.”

Lupe Ontiveros, who plays Rosalita in the film, had quite a few things to say about the cast. Among those things were the fact that they were hyper, but were lovely to work with. Along with that, she gushes about how thankful she is to get an opportunity to be in something as great as this.

“I was a social worker when I took this job and Steven (Spielberg) just gave me the maid and I said why not. So you never know where something is going to lead you, and certainly it did. It’s not the first one and hopefully not the last one that’s lead me into places that I never imagined. Like ‘Desperate Housewives’ took me to the Emmy nominations and others that have given me some really nice recognition like Sundance, all that. But The Goonies, this is very precious. You know why? Because it has affected so many generations and will continue to as long as young people are young people, grandkids, and then their kids in return. It was a pleasure working with these guys.”

It’s not pounded on us enough that it’s been twenty-five years since The Goonies has been released, but what does it mean to Richard Donner? When posed with the question about what it is about The Goonies that’s made the film survive that long in the subconscious of American cinema, he has this to say:

“People come away from the picture like they were in love with the kids. They’re committed to them, they’ve done something and become something in their lives. You laugh with them, you cry with them, you have your silly moments. You have your moments where you’re under the wishing well and Sean (Astin) says, ‘It’s our time here, it’s their time up there.’ When you think of that, a group of people can relate to everybody from this age to that age, and so there’s so much in that picture that this seems to be a crossover to all ages. I can’t tell you what the phenomenon is. One of the first people we met today asked us, ‘What is it like twenty-five years later?’ But it’s not twenty-five years, it didn’t stop. It didn’t stop. We were expecting it to eventually be over, but the last twenty-five years this picture has been in the top ten family films in the world and only two of them were original.”

Mike Fenton is the main casting director who wrangled up the actors for The Goonies that we all know and love today. He gives his point of view on why he thinks we all love The Goonies so much.

“I have a theory, and the theory is that the Goonies are in all of us. And our love for each other is epitomized by The Goonies and all for us, whether it’s Sean (Astin) or Josh (Brolin) or Kerri Green, there’s a bit of all of us in them, and that’s what it is. And it’ll live forever, because everybody identifies with The Goonies because we’re all Goonies!”

Go out to your local retail store and buy the DVD or Blu-Ray of the 25th Anniversary edition of The Goonies today.

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