MACGRUBER Director Jorma Taccone to Helm Action Comedy THE GREAT UNKNOWN

     April 3, 2012


Though it wasn’t exactly a commercial success, the 2010 comedy MacGruber has become a sort of cult hit as of late. Its absurdity is only matched by its hilarity, and I find myself liking the movie more and more with each viewing.   As such, it comes as great news that MacGruber director (and The Lonely Island member) Jorma Taccone is attached to direct a new action-comedy for New Line based on the Image comic The Great Unknown, written by Duncan Rouleau. Rouleau is a part of Man of Action Studios, the group behind the Ben 10 empire and Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.  Michael Starrbury will pen the script for the pic, which centers on “a slacker with delusions of grandeur who believes his so-called great ideas are popping up elsewhere.”  Since no one believes that his ideas are being stolen, he sets out on a quest to “solve the mystery behind the idea thefts.” Hit the jump for more.

the-great-unknown-comic-imageHeat Vision reports that Mark Gordon (Source Code) and Jennifer Todd will produce.  No word on whether any of Taccone’s Lonely Island cohorts will be joining him on the project.  Akiva Shaffer (Hot Rod) recently wrapped the sci-fi comedy Neighborhood Watch with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill.  As a big fan of MacGruber and all things Lonely Island, I’m eager to see how The Great Unknown turns out.

Here’s the synopsis for The Great Unknown:

Everything Zach Feld imagines – impossibly – shows up somewhere else. It’s as if someone is reading his mind and selling his incredible thoughts to the highest bidder.

His friends and family think Zach is a freeloader with delusions of grandeur – making up one weird paranoiac story after another to defend his directionless life. They might be right. But when Zach begins to dig deeper into the mystery, he discovers that they might be very, very wrong. Has someone been sneaking around inside Zach’s mind?

Visionary storyteller DUNCAN ROULEAU (Metal Men, The Nightmarist, X-Factor) creates this five-issue series about one man’s quest to find the people responsible for raiding his thoughts and relegating him to a life of being the great unknown. [Image Comics]

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