New International Posters for THE GREEN HORNET

     December 29, 2010


One of the most anticipated movies of the new year, The Green Hornet is set to kick off 2011 with a blend of adventure and director Michel Gondry’s habitual touch of eccentricity, if the various artworks are anything to go by.

Remember when Collider gave you an exclusive sneak peek of The Green Hornet’s character posters back in November? They have now officially debuted on Korean billboards, while the Spanish and French posters resemble the US ones. Hit the jump to take a look.

For fans, the international and character posters are sure to become a collector’s item. The saturated colors give them a comic feel and their poses are rather telling. While Seth Rogen’s Britt Reid and his sidekick Kato, played by Taiwanese star Jay Chou, portray the classic superhero dynamic, their arch-enemy Benjamin Chudnofsky, portrayed by the ever-eclectic Christoph Waltz, looks over his shoulder, his pointy beard reminding me of Satan’s tail; and Cameron Diaz as Britt’s secretary Lenore Case looks less uptight than Pepper Potts with just the right hint of sexiness.

I noticed the posters gracing the billboards along the corridors of the Parisian subway this morning. The movie will hit French theaters on January 12, two days before its US release (well, director Michel Gondry is French) and will premiere in Paris on January 4. The main French poster, featuring all four main characters, reads: “To break the law so as to better defend it.”

And if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, here’s a full recap, including set visits, interviews and a featurette.

[Posters via IMPAwards and Allocine]

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