‘The Grudge’ Reboot Trailer Debuts & Aims to Be as Scary as the Original

     October 28, 2019


Screen Gems has released the first trailer for The Grudge, directed by Nicolas Pesce. This latest take on the unsettling 2002 Japanese flick Ju-On: The Grudge stars Andrea Riseborough as a detective investigating a grisly crime in a home that manages to leave a mark on its inhabitants. And as the first trailer reveals, not only are they taking a page from A24’s marketing playbook, they’re also focusing on a more procedural approach to the grudge’s macabre origin. But for me, the most disturbing thing about the teaser is the lack of screen time for Betty Gilpin.

This reboot of The Grudge will transpose its core premise — a house seemingly infected with the haunted energy of a mother who murdered her family wreaks havoc on its living residents — from Japan to the United States. Director and writer Pesce has written a story that features three different storylines with three sets of residents who have all lived inside the aforementioned house and have been touched by the evils within. Meanwhile, Riseborough’s character, a local detective, works to solve the mysterious reasons behind the murders that kicked these hauntings off.

The Grudge boasts a truly killer cast, which includes Demián BechirBetty GilpinLin ShayeJohn ChoJacki Weaver, and William Sadler in addition to Riseborough. The Grudge reboot arrives in theaters on January 3, 2020.

Check out the first trailer below:

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