THE GUEST Alternate Trailer Shows Exactly Why the Film is Badass

     September 17, 2014


One of the things you may not know about The Guest is that it has some serious swagger.  Some of that vibe may be influenced by movies like Drive, but The Guest has much stronger characters and more humor than that film.  It’s funny, full of action, smart, and extremely stylish.  This new trailer, cut together by V/H/S/2 and Hobo With a Shotgun director Jason Eisener, perfectly demonstrates all of that.  It would be nice if a vehicle this substantive could be the thing that catapults Dan Stevens to domestic stardom, so I’m hoping audiences flock in droves to this new film from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett.

Hit the jump to check out The Guest alternate trailer (and be sure to read Matt’s review along with my interview with Wingard and Barrett).  The film also stars Maika MonroeLeland OrserSheila KelleyBrendan Meyer, and Lance Reddick.  The Guest opens in U.S. theaters today, September 17th.  If you’re in one of the cities in which its playing, go ASAP.  If not, go next week.

Trailer via Jason Eisener:


The Guest Alternate Trailer

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