Exclusive: THE HANGOVER 2 Has Started Filming!

     October 6, 2010

When I spoke to director Todd Phillips at this year’s Guy Choice Awards in June, he told me shooting would begin on The Hangover 2 on October 15.  He was close.  The reason I say close is I’ve been told the sequel has actually started filming here in Los Angeles.  According to my source, shooting began on September 29th and production will continue here until the end of October.  At that point, the cast and crew will move to Thailand, and they’ll continue shooting till they wrap.

While everyone is trying to figure out exactly what happens in the sequel to the biggest R rated comedy of all time, I’m actually hoping to stay in the dark as long as possible.  All too often we learn about the major plot points before a movie gets released, and for a comedy, not knowing what happens is always better.  Of course the studio has to advertise the movie, so the trailer will tell us too much no matter what.

Either way, I’m incredibly excited the sequel to The Hangover is filming right now.  The Hangover 2 gets released May 26, 2011.  Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are all confirmed to be returning with Ken Jeong and Justin Bartha expected to return.  More as we hear it.

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